Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton couldn’t pick a better time to run for president. With the Republican party eating itself alive, they’ll be too focused on…whatever it is they do (they’re certainly not doing anything for us) to put up a real fight. The only chance they’d have is pumping endless Koch money into smear campaigns, but I don’t think it’ll be enough. She’ll have a fighting chance of being America’s first female president, which might actually end up destroying the government completely, considering all that’s transpired since the first black president took office. But honestly, we desperately need a woman for president, now more than ever, because if another guy gets office with the entire world popping-off and blowing each other up, we’re just going to wind up in another fucking war. I’ve been married for eight years–some of my best friends are women–I’m a firm believer in their ability to immediately calm a situation by talking about it, for extended durations, developing many long-term solutions. Men can’t do this without waving their dicks around (literally and figuratively) and if you want to see how that’s always played out, just pick up any history book (you can probably open it to any page) and read. To quote one of my favorite movie heroines, Trinity: “You’ve been down there, Neo. You already know that road. You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be.”  That’s excellent advice a woman gave to a man, and it’s exactly why, if Hillary Clinton does decide to run, you should vote for her.


2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton

  1. You’re absolutely on point, about everything. The “GOP” are doomed. Last election, the media made it seem like a tight race.. when really Obama had nothing to worry about. I think the same will happen this time. Personally, I’m not mad about voting for Hillary, seeing as she’s the only option. My hope is that as the Republicans slowly implode… we’ll move toward a more liberal political arena where we’ve got all kinds of new magical styles of liberal to choose from: socialist, super duper environmentalist, and whatever else. That’s what I’m hoping for.


    1. Thank you so much. I think the Republican party is definitely at war with itself, but as for new styles of liberal: “socialist, super duper environmentalist”, we have those parties, it’s just a matter of getting the message across to people. It’s tough to justify voting for a small party when the majority of people are going to vote for a leading candidate with similar values. Still I agree, there should be a few more strong options for a national leader. Someday I hope to vote the first atheist into office, but I think that’s a long way away.


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