One Comes, Another Goes

“Hey, it’s been awhile. I thought you quit.”

“AH! No, my son was just born.”

“Oh, OK, congratulations.”

“Yeah, man. It was incredible, holding him in my arms. Looking into his eyes for the first time.”

“That’s awesome, I’ve very happy for you.”

“Yeah, thanks man. It’s too bad my dad died three days later. AH!”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh yeah…one comes, anther goes.”

“Jesus, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, man, he finally lost the fight with that, what do they call it, sir…cirrho.”

“Cirrhosis? Of the liver.”

“AH! That’s the one…”

“Cirrhosis took my uncle, it’s a tough thing to witness.”

“Thank you. Well..I gotta get going, I’m only taking a half today.”

“I’ll let you eat, see you around.”

“See ya.”


If you’d like a little more context for this conversation, you’ll find it here. Both posts are inspired by the same person.


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