Civil Rights, Continued

If you’re reading this then you probably have access to Google, and if you type: how many black people are in congress in the search bar, you’ll get a disappointing answer (depending on how ignorant you are). I’ll save you some time–there are 435 members in the House, 43 of them are black, and 79 are women. I think if you dwell on that for a quick second you’ll start to see why we’re having the problems we are.

We have people trying to peacefully protest in Ferguson, we have the LGBTQ community fighting for marriage equality (among other things), and women working for equal pay, but I think we’ve all forgotten to stop and ask ourselves a vital question: Why the fuck do we have to fight for all this stuff? We’ve been thought civil rights movement after movement, and it took 219 years since Washington was elected to get a black president. And we’re still waiting for a woman (Hillary, cough*, cough* uh-hum). And people have the brass ones to say: it’s 2014, didn’t you know racism’s over? Or, who needs feminism? Right, in the country where men who can hardly stomach alcohol receive get out of jail free cards for rape.

Sometimes you have to stop and think: who are the people in charge? What culture are they from, what generation do they come from, how many are Hispanic, women, etc.? Why are 99% of the top CEOs old white men? This is where the ball was dropped: we’ve had many historic movements, but we need to bring the melting pot to the government and senior management because it’s had way more than its fair share of time in labor.

The ideology of the ’50s can’t fix the problems of 2014. It’s great that so many still take to the streets and stand in the face of cold armored men and mace, but we must also take to the boring stuff like voting, researching, and putting people with our interests in office; making sure equality exists at the highest echelon of society, as well as the lowest.


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