End of August Update

What a month. Just awhile back I was criticizing the news for running nonstop, but now that we’re at the end of the longest, hottest month of what started out as a good year, people are finally giving the news a reason to run 24/7. Right now there’s a hair-thin truce between Gaza and Israel, and if it doesn’t take the path all the others have then we’ve made a shaky step towards world peace.

Robin Williams has left us, and I think it’s odd the way every talked about it as if it were a cup of coffee, or a can of beans. It just gave me a weird feeling–at least right after it happened–why did the enthusiasm come after his death, when it was much more needed while he was in rehab? And why was this the wake up call to depression when thousands of people fall victim to the same fate every year? Very strange to me.

Ferguson is kicking down the doors on corrupt cops, and disillusioning the nation from the FOX News notion that racism is thing of past (white people will say anything to maintain their outrageous salaries, and powerful positions). I got into a fight about this earlier this year with my dad, who tried to tell me about someone’s kid bringing home “propaganda” from elementary school, but what the kid brought home was a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. he colored for Black History Month. He argued how black people just want more and more attention–like a fucking idiot (I haven’t called him since). When I tried to joke around with my sister about it she took his side. I literally started crying and hung up the phone. It’s a sad fucked up state when you have to explain equality to people.

In another month I’ll be returning to school to get more necessities out of the way before transferring to a better albeit much more expensive school. And if everything goes according to plan I’ll only have the school loans to pay off after I finish my AA, so I think it might be a good time to travel; write and take pictures from a different patch of Earth. Afterword it’ll be the long climb, pursuing jobs in communications, and working on my BA.

What I’d really like to do is return to Sri Lanka with my wife, and write about the island since it’s been about a decade since we last went–after the tsunami hit their coast. I took lots of pictures and kept a journal, but that was when I was a missionary. It would be fun to explore the place as an adventurous tourist who now sees Buddha as a philosopher, not as an evil I should convert anyone from.

As many of you know, I work with fruit. I cut it, I package it, and I stack it. I’ve been losing huge amounts of sleep opening in morning to cut fruit, and I’m currently trying to transfer to the night shift. This has me caught up in opening two days a week and closing two days week–it’s not very fun. But knock on wood with me, I hope to cruise into fall quarter with four closing shifts a week, it’s enough to pay bills and get through school.

Anyway, thank you for reading. For some reason you and 399 others on WordPress follow my work, and that’s awesome. In just under two years my blog has been viewed over 16,000 times–Jesus, just think what I could do if I could get paid for all this shit. Thank you again, and if you’re enjoying the recent picture taking here: http://instagram.com/boiledearth, I haven’t been doing much lately because I scratched the living hell out of my iPhone lens, and am waiting for a replacement.


August 28, 2014


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