A group of women marched around Austin TX a few days ago to protest the inequality between shirtless men, and women who are expected to keep their tops on at all times. And it’s true, it’s not equal, boobies are for babies, but we’ve sexualized them, so men get to run around topless if they so desire, and women can’t in most states. Listen to me please: none of you, men or women, should be topless. I’m glad you think you look great, you should think you look great–that’s healthy–but I don’t want to see it, Jesus H. Christ, we tried the topless thing thousands of years ago and collectively agreed clothing is much better than sun-burnt nipples. Wear a sports-bra, breast feed, I’m not a conservative (same goes for the men, cover that shit up, and if it shuts your baby up let it suck your nipple, I’m not going to judge), but I’m also not going to bother going outside if I have to spend all my time staring at the ground, turning away in disgust, or running away in a shameful attempt at hiding a public boner.


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