I good friend of mine recently returned from Africa, and is back at work. Since her arrival people haven’t bombarded her with the usual: how was the trip, did you get the shits, was your school project a success? Instead people have been asking: has civilization finally found its way over there, or you actually ate their food? I did my best to console her, and told her about my own experience, when my sister was getting ready for her stay in Africa, and my dad called me for advise: “I really want to buy her a laptop, I’m just afraid one of those savages is going to throw a spear through it.” He was serious, that’s what was really bothering him (he doesn’t know what he’s saying is wrong). I told him what I tell all these people who’ve never left the state they born in. It’s the same shit all over the world, being perfectly honest, in a lot a places it’s fucking better. People in Africa aren’t poor starving people with chicken bones through their noses. All that dumb shit you watch in TV isn’t real. They have cellphones, hospitals, schools, streets, cities, Starbucks, all the shit we have. Sure, there are tribes that choose to live in nature like their ancestors did, and that’s respectable and honorable, and much better than the crazy hicks we have living in the mountains with shotguns waiting for the apocalypse.


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