Closet Socialists

It’s odd to me, working for (technically) the fifth largest retailer in the world, yet getting my hours cut back and back week to week, currently at 21. We’re our own company, just flying under a big banner, but we rake in about a million a month (or so people tell me). More than enough to pay me, and the other 300 people that work there at least $350 a week, which is the bare minimum I need to go to school, buy food, take my wife out, and survive in this overpriced city.

Just four eight hour shifts combined with my wife’s income is enough to get by, and currently I don’t mind getting by because that’s all I’ve ever known. And college has filled me with the delusion that there’s a better paying job not far behind the degree (I know it’s bullshit, but it’s a reason to get up). But three seven hour days? I might as well find another job.

Will someone please tell me why it’s so fucking hard to pay people enough money to simply enjoy dignity. It sickens me when companies encourage their employees to collect food or money for one anther, while a couple of people at the top have so much money they could wipe their asses with a roll of hundred dollar bills.

People think the economy’s bad now, in few years people won’t even be able to donate canned goods to each other. What do these companies want us to do: collect from the government. That’s why all these crazy, close-minded, conservative money suckers are really closet Socialists. You can’t be a capitalist business owner and expect the government to buy your employees’ food, but that’s exactly what’s happening.


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