Ten Things that Have to Happen Soon

  1. 50% of our power should sustainable–no questions–we have the technology and the workforce to get the job done.
  2. The ratio of savings and debt vs income for the average person is toxic, not just on an ethical level either, it’s bad for the capitalist system itself. There’s no chance of sustaining our economy if we continue to let the rich siphon money out of the nation.
  3. We should all pay into tuition, and have the government regulate it because it makes no sense to have a nation of unskilled sales clerks.
  4. We should be able to vote with our phones.
  5. There should be a cap on political donations, and it should be a tight one.
  6. We don’t need full-blown education reform…yet. What we need immediately is to stop sending hungry kids to underfunded schools, and an educational system that doesn’t confuse science with religion.
  7. We need our nation’s leadership to be as diverse as its people.
  8. A combination of comprehensive immigration reform, and aid to Mexico.
  9. We need a national infrastructure for the new century. We have rickety roads, slow internet, and massively underfunded social programs, it’s the same old story: plenty of jobs, but never any money because it always seems to end up in the wallets of people who don’t even need it.
  10. We need to give our elderly as much dignity as the young, with a focus on health, retirement and well being. Ensuring our parents’ retirement means they can enjoy the rewards of their hard work, and that we can get a job.

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