America’s always had a very special brand of justice: if you’re not white, wealthy, and male then you probably won’t get any justice. We know it happens in court, but it’s reared its head in an elementary school along with its close cousin: victim blaming.

Pam Aister, an elementary school teacher was fired after defending a student from bullies who were making racist comments. The bully’s parents bullied the school district, and they voted to fire her. I assume someone threatened to sue the school.

The same thing happened to my dad who was fired from the paper he worked for when someone filed a lawsuit over an article he wrote. It’s easier for an institution to can someone than lose half of their funding.

Get the story here: Daily News

The article includes a link to a petition to have her reinstated, please sign it and help this teacher fight against bullying, racism, and wrongful termination.


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