Harrassment in Math Class

A week ago in math class a couple of people sitting in front of me were whispering to each other. Some guy another row up, and a few seats to the right shoves himself back from the table, turns to them and tells them to be quiet so he can concentrate on what’s going on. Fair enough, math 65 (the equivalent of 5th grade math) requires a lot of focus for some people, that’s understandable. We should respect one anther and let the teacher talk.

A week passed since then, and during break in class today the guy turns to the women who was whispering a week ago and blurts out, “Do you know why I told you to be quiet last week?”

Her, “Uhhhh, no?”

“Well I’m paying thousands of dollars to be here, and you’re interrupting the class with your flirting.”

“What are you talking about? …”

“I’m not the only one who thinks so. Two other people came up to me and told me how annoying they think you are.”

At his point I’m fuming in my chair. This is a random 40 year old jack-off doesn’t know anyone in the class–and his demeanor is something between PTSD and rapist.

“OK, I’m sorry.” She mumbled in defeat.

This sort of thing happens a lot and it’s harassment. Though the conversation above might seem harmless, there are important things you need to consider:

  1. She was singled out. It takes two people to have a conversation, but he didn’t have anything to say to the guy that was whispering back–just her. That’s singling someone out because of their gender, and that’s wrong.

  2. He accused her of flirting with no proof, and belittled her for no reason which means he just wants to pick on her.

  3. The only motive for anyone to do this a week after ten seconds of loud whispering is because they’re a bully.

Once more, being singled out for your gender and ridiculed is harassment, and you should report it immediately. And not just with your school, we live in a culture that allows rapists to continue their education while shoving a women’s future in the trash–the more accountability you can bring to your case the better.

At the end of class she rushed out before creepy could open his mouth. I felt bad that I didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up, but that might have made things far worse, so I made her a little info card with all the important numbers in case dickless tries anything stupid. If you’re a women attending PCC’s South East Campus you might want these numbers too:

SE Women’s Resource Center: 971.722.6116

In Danger: 4444 (campus phone)

In Danger: 971.722.4444 (cell phone)




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