The More Things Change…

I quit having expectations and this is why: I don’t think a single thing has really changed for almost five thousand years. After our first and possibly greatest invention–writing–humanity has remained largely stagnate in its thinking, but luckily not in its understanding of the physical world. Yet, even with all the accumulated knowledge of the known universe these problems persist throughout history:

An uninformed ruling class.

The struggle for reason over ignorance.

The plight of the poor, and immigrant.

The brotherhood of religion and government.

Short-term gains trump long-term costs.

Reinforcing the status quo through violence.

I don’t expect anything to change. We’ve had the technology to cure what ails us for years. The real reason we don’t have everything hooked up to solar, or wind, or geothermal is because you can’t charge anything for free energy. There’s no fucking money in using the sun as a perpetual energy maker. There’s no money in batteries that can run for three years on a single charge. If writing is humankind’s first great invention then the battery is second, and solar panels third, but to fully implement it would call our nation’s most esteemed philosophy into question, and that isn’t going to happen because of the list above.


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