Would You Rather Be Run Over?

A word to all you Oregonians out there who voted down Measure 88. First, the idea with 88 is to save lives. A close friend of mine lost her father to a car accident by an undocumented worker who didn’t have a driver’s license. Since the federal government is in a deadlock and won’t even bother discussing immigration reform in a meaningful way, 88 would have solved a practical problem without the wait. Also, on the subject of undocumented people, I find it ignorant to call a person an illegal. People aren’t “illegals” (that’s dehumanizing) they’re undocumented, and while it’s easy to point a finger at anyone brown–Canadians and many others do it too. A lot of people get here legally, they just don’t leave when their visa expires. Anyone driving needs to know the rules of road, and execute them safely–whether or not you think they belong here.


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