I was at Safeway getting some food for breakfast, and when I got to the yogurt isle I saw two stereotypical upper-level management: tall, old, and ghost white, talking to a store-level management woman. The oldest says to her, “Facing is getting better, but it still needs a lot of work.”

For those of you who will never enjoy the sheer hell of working at a grocery store, facing is taking the product which is at the back of the shelf and pulling it forward so it looks like everything is well stocked. It’s really the only thing to do in a grocery store after everything’s been brought out from the back.

She tells him, “Sorry, it’s harder to get everything done on Friday.”

He then replies, “Well, why is that?”

I almost lost it. The guy running the store obviously hasn’t shopped in one in his entire life. It’s Friday–that’s enough reason–it’s the first of the three busiest grocery days. Combined with Safeway’s notorious business practices, it’s honestly surprising anything gets done–there’s a reason we call it Slaveway.

“Well, we’re down a food manager on Friday.” She pleas.

“What? Why is that?”

At that point I grabbed my food, shook my head, and walked away. Leave it to those in charge to not know a goddamn thing about what they’re in charge of.


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