Disney Complex

People I’ve encountered don’t seem to deal with sadness very well. And I don’t mean funeral sadness; I just lost a really good friend and need to grieve, sadness–all levels. People can’t navigate hardship, manage discomfort. I know there are innumerable reasons for this, and perhaps it’s too much a generalization, but it’s worth mentioning. The human narrative is too happy.

Growing up I read stories that didn’t all have good endings–kid’s books–with trials and struggle. The original fairy tales are literally horrifying. Now those stories are just watered down rip-offs–all laughs and love with no pain, character, or tragedy.

Though many hands are involved I blame Disney. Everything about them is cheap and fake, from the music they produce to the shitty stories they rewrite. Disney’s “where dreams come true” nonsense isn’t preparing children for the real world. I know parents are responsible for doing that, but all most parents know how to do is turn on the TV.


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