I complain a lot about work. It’s high volume grocery–it’s soul sucking. But today we have a very special reason to celebrate together (kind-of). A coworker came up to me while I was lining up Gala apples, and told me the current meat manager is either being transferred or fired for hiding raw expired chicken by marinating them, and making pre-seasoned meatloaf out of expired ground beef.

This asshole was the assistant manager while I was working in the meat department a couple of years ago. I was a journeyman butcher working as the apprentice of an utter psychopath department manager (it’s complicated), who will remain nameless for legality’s sake. At first it only seemed like they bent the rules a little, but by the time I was done negotiating my transfer to Produce almost two years ago, he was trying to push expired ground beef (I threatened to call OSHA). A few weeks later he transferred to a store downtown. So, it’s no surprise his little, equally as manipulative, lackey got caught doing the same thing.

Those assholes made my life a living hell while I worked in that pit, and I could write a fucking book on all the stupid shit they tried to pull. If people knew the truth about what they paid for they’d likely be outraged. Most of time you’re not even buying what you think you are. The “old times butcher” look just doesn’t work in a grocery store because it’s too corporate.

They’ll hire any idiot they can transfer out, to save the company was much money as possible. In the grand corporate scheme of things this guy will almost certainly be transferred to some scaled down store where the workload’s a joke, and people will forget about all his bullshit, and maybe after a few years he can try again at a grown-up store. It’s either that or fire him, and then hire him back six months later, which is our company’s policy. When it comes to meat and eating right, you want small business, people in touch with their practice and the community.

From a guy who only knows the worst end of retail, you’re doing yourself an extreme disservice mistreating those who of us paid to serve. Only the assholes pay top dollar for a steak that fell on the floor, might have been rinsed in the sink, and put in the cold-case as if it had just been freshly cut. The asshole pays top dollar for organic product that isn’t organic. Nice people get a level of service that is completely unknown to the douche-bag.

If all goes well, our store will good a meat manager with a good reputation since our current fellow is such an ass, but you never know, so just remember this: stay away from ground beef and marinades, they’re constant temptation for the idiots in management who can’t (or won’t) follow an order guide.


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