A Thought on Voting

I went through an anti-voting phase when I was younger–it was short-lived. I know some people think voting is pointless, but think about all the terrible people who go and vote. All the racists, bankers, police, Fox “News” watchers, and all the assholes, voting for their favorite piece of shit; someone who’ll keep the water spinning down the toilet. If voting is simply another arm of the oligarchy, then why must we constantly battle voter suppression, malapportionment, and gerrymandering? Why vote? Vote because there’s nothing else better to do than the same usual shit. Vote to put people in congress who can work together. Vote so rapists can’t force their victims to carry a child to term. Vote to reform prison, law enforcement, and end the systemic cycle of abuse against people of color. Vote to keep the planet green and blue. Please, go and fucking vote.


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