Summer’s End

The sun’s setting earlier, the air has a buzz, and I was 20 minutes late for class on the first day of school. Not for lack of wanting to be there, but because the bus driver didn’t feel the need to stop at my particular stop that morning.

Normally, it would have made me pretty mad, it might even of turned my whole day to shit, but this last summer was so epic I just didn’t give a fuck.

I had made plans, goals really, but even goals suck because you feel bad if you don’t end up achieving them. My plan was to start a blog on prison, and write at least one essay. I did those things, then I quickly dropped them for hot days with cold beers and BBQs with friends. And there was MusicfestNW, where I was hit on hard by a cute woman with blonde waves  in her late thirties, who had torpedo shaped breasts blasting out of her chest. She revealed her fondness of Modest Mouse (the band we both came to see) and that she’d just been released from the hospital because she called and told her doctor she wanted to kill herself.

I thought Modest Mouse would be the icing on my summer cake, while I will say smoking weed center-crowd while one of your favorite bands closes a show is really fucking hard to trump, an acid trip on the beach during an extended weekend camping trip will do it.

Neahkahnie Mountain is right on the coast, so you get a beach with woods and mountains. As long as there isn’t a massive earthquake it’s quite a breathtaking sight at 74 degrees, partly cloudy, with fronts off the ocean colliding with cold mountain air.

I’d like to describe what I saw in detail, but it just can’t be done with any justice, and people have written about their trips since the fifties. You should read them, then go on a hike and take the trip for yourself, odds are you’ll be very happy you did. The drug is dangerous, but only to the establishment.

Anyway, I finally made it to my 10am class. My first professor is an older guy who talks like a bird but with less breaths between words. And he’s assured all of us that he’s made the coarse as easy as possible.

Rose City Comic Con was this last weekend and there was plenty to read and watch. Ground Kontrol had a video game station. I took some pictures of the infamous DeLorean time-machine from “Back to the Future”. I didn’t pick up any comics, I prefer graphic novels (and they’re expensive), but I did find a local hand-blown red and blue glass eye pendent to adorn my neck.

I have a two hour break after my first class then it’s on to Creative Non-fiction. Making real life a little less boring is what we’re after. It’s not a required coarse and it’s higher level, so everyone there should love to read and write. I look forward to a quarter and the fire under me needed to start writing regularly.


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