Bang Bang

Some say guns aren’t the problem, that it’s mental health which needs addressing. In order to wear a badge one must pass a mental heath exam, plenty of people join the army or some other armed force every day–and they kill people. I think that makes the mental health argument completely bogus, at least in the way we currently frame the issue. Besides the mentally ill being far more likely to suffer abuse at the hands of the “sane”, anyone can become psychotic, angry, and depressed. If this didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have news. The brain changes, sometimes it deteriorates, and people will do things they wouldn’t normally do and having a gun available definitely won’t help. The real problem is that me, you and everyone else doesn’t want to believe we’re all susceptible to fault. We don’t want to believe we’re capable of picking up a gun and doing terrible things, but we are.


2 thoughts on “Bang Bang

  1. Same goes with knives, vehicles, bombs, fists, wine bottles, boots, crowbars, baseball bats, and anything else that can be used as a weapon. Ban everything.


    1. That’s not what I’m getting at. We’re not going to ban guns–it’s just not going to happen here for a while. My point is that we need to adopt a more comprehensive view of mental heath, especially with people we deem fit to carry a deadly weapon. It should be incredibly hard to get them. Especially when there are so many non-lethal ways to protect yourself. And while you can can kill someone with any of the things you’ve listed, they probably won’t. You have to be smart to make a bomb work, and you have to be a bit barbaric to jab a busted bottle into someones throat, which is gonna get super messy, you’ll be coated in blood, same with the crowbar.


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