Free From Misery I: Choices

At any moment, we have the power to choose between endless choices: red undies with the green tank-top? black pants or blue shorts?–cheeseburger, chocolates, or cake. Raise kids, or buy a house? No. Adopt a cat. Vote. Hike a trail or fly to a friend’s. Fly to the moon.

Obviously, we can’t just leave Earth on a whim. But we still have many choices. We have to eat and often, grocery stores aside, there are chains of previously frozen mediocre meal restaurants and secret eateries reserved for elite foodies. But you have to the have the money. And you might be lactose intolerant, or have a gluten allergy. But they make substitutes and with a simple pill, you can drink milk until you puke. Unless you’re on chemo.

We really can’t know what illnesses wait, and like numbers on a padlock in our DNA: when the right combination is in place diabetes, dementia, and diseases of all nature burst in and hold us hostage in our own homes.

But perhaps I’m being too extreme. It’s clear that we do not have endless choices, or even a hundred, perhaps none if we consider that we never asked to be here. We never begged, please give the condoms a rest—we never had a choice—freedom is an illusion.




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