The Semiautomatic Solution

Americans don’t trust the government. The Left believe it’s been thoroughly plowed into hamburger by the weighty dick of corporate money. The Right, I can’t say with certainty, but now that public shootings are common enough to warrant executive action, strengthening what I consider to be substandard gun regulations, they won’t stop about the right to bear arms. They’re stocking up on weapons so they can blow away…what? The United States Army? Should the government enforce the livelihood and fair treatment of fellow citizens whose opinions and way of life differ–that’s your answer? Kill them? The people who make up our government; more abortion doctors, moviegoers, shoppers, or women due for a checkup? Another black child?



2 thoughts on “The Semiautomatic Solution

  1. The better question would be, “Should the government enforce the livelihood of people and what those people consider fair treatment?” The answer is no. If enforcing that “No” means the use of armed force, then so be it.


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