Money and Monsters

Corporations vacuum capital up from a vast multinational carpet, the fibers of which are you and me, and concentrate it just under the all seeing eye, where it’s portioned by, and to, those deemed most vital.

Every time the money makes it back to the top little chunks siphon into private accounts while ours is constantly squeezed like a lime into the oligarchy’s cocktail.

Worry not, the money isn’t going to waste. Selling lies is costly, and what isn’t used for deceiving the unaware goes to constructing more low-wage work boxes, where people can sign up for government aid.

You’d be horrified if you woke up one day in a society that made you fight for water, grain, or internet access, but applying a price to those things and pitting us against each other for more money isn’t any different.

You’re told to work longer, harder. You’re told to strive for a  management position where the system carefully weeds out anything other than mediocre tall blonds. And if you can’t live up, you’re simply not working hard enough—you haven’t earned it.

But really, they don’t want to give it. They don’t believe we’re worth anything more than a basic, meager, dull existence because we’re poor, not because we don’t work hard. And they want us to fight for every crumb of bread. They want us to fear everyone because they’re coming for our jobs.

They’re going to take our paychecks, they tell us. Typical. The corporations we work for are stealing our money, not black people, not immigrants, refugees or Muslims. Criminality is the heart of creative capitalism. Not only for those who must thieve to survive, but also the board members who vote to steal labor by constantly short-changing workers into incarceration.

There’s plenty for the employee, the entrepreneur, the disabled, retired, intern, single mother—everybody—but Capitalism isn’t about diversifying wealth and power.


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