Practical Morality

Being alive doesn’t imply living, atoms dance but not to music. “Baby Theresa” is the philosopher’s go to on this issue. Born with anencephaly, a terrible disease that results in enough brain tissue to keep the heart pumping for about week before it dies. It’s typically caught early and the baby’s aborted.

We do have special brains but they’re not as unique as the passages of antiquity would have us believe. Many creatures recognize themselves, paint, plan, feel, fuck for fun, and mourn their dead. Does a dining Dolphin ponder itself as a future entrée to a bigger fish? Perhaps, but I really don’t know.

But we resist this too, knowing we’ll most likely end up tossing through another night, and waking to the same awful alarm. Each day we learn (or we don’t) how to live with ourselves, our friends, lovers, assholes, idiots, and psychopaths. And we have to make the most of everyone’s lives to maximize our own.


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