Black and Blue

Should we support cops or black people? Many agree that we can do justice to both groups and that’s sensible, but it’s not sitting very well in the stomach of my mind. The idea of keeping social order through policing is akin to repairing a crumbling building with Silly Putty. Police are a weapon of the state (who aren’t obligated to help or protect you), and the state is largely a product of the mythos handed down from rich landowners: whiteness and wealth are good and godly and everything else is evil and deserving of exploitation and punishment. That philosophy has poisoned nearly every aspect of society, and police ensure it remains fatally toxic by quelling the masses that inevitably gather to cast off the invisible chains of systemic oppression. We don’t need police, we need equality. We need laws and economics that elevate everyone, not just white men. Universal income and drug legalization would empty prisons (end modern slavery) and eradicate any need of force through violence.


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