They’re everywhere, shouting orders, micromanaging, walking around in circles with a clipboard checking boxes their superior will glance at and throw away. If a corporation had a body then the board would be the brain, and management would be the spinal cord. But a corporation isn’t a person, it’s a system of control enforced by management. They’re only there to remind us that we are at the mercy of a small group of hyper-privileged, super wealthy assbags, who’ll cut our hours and benefits so they can fill each other’s wallets with bonuses. These people, get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to screw everyone out of every cent possible—maximizing profits. What could be better than an endless chain of managers you have to answer to? How about a diverse, well-trained, adequately staffed, workforce. There’s not a thing management do that couldn’t be done by the general laborers. But they don’t want you thinking like that because you might start to question their purpose? Or, what exactly it is that executives do from distant offices that couldn’t be done at local shops by the working people and community? Why is it that money always moves up and never seems to make its way back down?


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