Trump Days: I Don’t Agree to Disagree

Donald Trump is scum. So, if you voted for him you should have a pretty good explanation because I doubt you consider yourself a scummy person. Yet whenever I try to pull the knot apart with his supporters I’m met with phrases like boys will be boys. That’s the disgusting justification of predatory behavior, not a reasonable explanation. Why did you think giving a psychopathic Cheeto access to nukes, was a good idea? That’s not a petty thing we can resolve by agreeing not to. We’re not trying to decide whether Dr. Pepper tastes better than Coke. You’ve just boldly exclaimed that people can be openly racist, assault women, commit a list of atrocities, and you’re simply going to ignore it. You can’t give a bigger “fuck you” to every American and immigrant who isn’t a straight white man. Thankfully, Clinton won the popular vote. And if that mattered it would be a lot of the same thing: war, poverty, and the next TV series. As for Bernie, I gave a monthly donation to his campaign after he announced he was running. I don’t understand how someone as morally keen and open-minded as Bernie Sanders managed to end up in government, much less stay there. I do, however, know the final result of all the above, gridlock. What I don’t know is why, with three candidates whose moral framework goes from too good to be true to three decades of more-than-qualified in the usual affairs to build a wall—the very thing Pink Floyd warned against 37 years ago—you chose to be another brick.


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