To Mars

Global collapse, war, pollution, these are good reasons for finding a way off this marble. The heavens have gripped our curiosity since our eyes first fell upon their beauty. It’s easy to imagine life on the galactic frontier, drawing new maps, growing food, and starting a family with whom to share the martian sunset.

If that’s your fallback, I have some bad news. There’s an order of importance and it doesn’t typically include the poor. Virgin Galactic doesn’t charge $2.50 per ticket, they suck $250,000 from your checking account, and all that gets you is a few measly miles out into the dark frigid void.

Also, odds are, anything we send out to Mars will mirror the fate of the Titanic, only on a galactic level and an order of magnitude more horrifying.

We must come to accept the simple truth, if we can’t fix this place, we’re certainly not to going to escape it. I can’t blame anyone for making the attempt. Who wants to be here when things really go to shit and the weather becomes vastly more destructive and unpredictable, destabilizing farming, making basic things into rare commodities, and the price of essentials skyrocket? People are raiding grocery stores for pantry items, stabbing and shooting one another over tampons and condoms, Kombucha, baby formula, and bottled water.

Things vital to life should be free. Unfortunately, the people we elect, and the presidents the Electoral College pick for us, don’t think we deserve basic rights and services, so I fail to understand how we’re going to populate a planet 140 million miles away?


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