Good Without God

I saw a young mother nearly dragging her child through the produce department I work at. I assume the kid had acted out because that’s what they do, but this mom wasn’t having it. She was spewing expletives between threats of punishment and worse, spanking.

I always thought it was fucked that my parents spanked me, I’ve always believed it was wrong to assault people. And teaching them to do things simply for the sake of avoiding punishment isn’t any better.

What if God had told Moses to cook and eat his firstborn? Why not? Humanity has let its children bleed out to please gods we’ve never heard of nor care about. All God ever offers is ‘do these things or suffer’, and that makes the rules meaningless. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to pick the ones that make the most sense based on what we already know to be right or wrong. We agreed on the Ten and typically don’t talk about all the other weird, pointless, racist, and sexist things therein.

We all have a typical code of ethics, it has nothing to do with deities and everything to do with the brain. We don’t need rules, we don’t need punishments. Being a good person requires nothing more than exercising the neurons that aid us in viewing the world through different eyes.


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