People make very peculiar associations, like marching and joblessness. If we’re talking about the Women’s March on Washington, that was on a Saturday. Still, it’s important to remember that the Obama Administration brought the unemployment rate down to a historical 4.8 percent. So, only a handful of protesters would have been Unemployed, one of the qualifications of which is actively seeking employment. But let’s put all that aside and assume the crowd was all women and that they all have great full-time work—they’re making 80 cents for every dollar a man gets. The gap increases for women of color, 64 cents for African American women and 56 cents for Latinas. The gap increases even more for non-binary and transgender women. Furthermore, it’s a huge mistake to define people by their job. Plenty of people have admirable jobs and they’re assholes. Many can’t work at all and they’re terrific people. We’re snowflakes, hemmed together by cells we have no power over and thrust into a cold world with no real direction or assurance we won’t simply melt in the hot hand of death. That’s why it’s important to march against all forces of oppression and stand in solidarity. A single snowflake is harmless, a million of them is an avalanche.


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