The Big Death

Both of our major political parties are corrupt and useless. But the dynamic of the two works really well for capitalists. One is constantly doing such fucked up shit that you can’t help but stare, and the other does just enough to keep everyone from rioting. They’ve joined hands with the bankers, and landlords so they can rake in cash while we’re drinking lead and bathing in fracking fluid, problems which are not leaving. As long as money is exchangeable for power the majority will always be poor. But there’s hope and it resides in the looming threat of the Big Death. If we’d taken care of the planet and actually learned how to share the resources, assuming all else goes somewhat okay, that gives us a few billion years. But not anymore. Our weather system is in the birth pains of destabilization and when that belly’s ready to pop it will utterly devastate food production. Spring will come too soon, summer will last too long. Crops all over the world will collapse, iceberg lettuce will cost $60/lb, putting the only fiber most Americans bother eating out of reach. Cows, pigs, and chickens will be swept away in floods that dry out as fast as they come. Starvation, forced migration, war, and all the skin-melting diseases currently thawing under our feet all fuse into Apollyon, the destroyer. And it unlocks the gates of the underworld, freeing an army of undead, which the south mistakes for Confederates, who they desperately need to outnumber the north in the midst of a raging second civil war. But the zombies don’t give a shit about any of that and continue to overwhelm and feast on anyone who stands in their way. Putin seizes the opportunity to destroy both America and Hell’s army by dropping the Tsar Bomba on every major city. Then all the other nations panic and start firing off their entire arsenal at each other until every mountain is leveled over every trace of existence.

And that’s why we need to put people over money and political parties.


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