Dear World,

I’m very sorry about our current situation here in America. This obviously wasn’t what we wanted. Capitalism, neoliberalism, and “democracy” aren’t working out. We’re poor, our healthcare sucks, and our labor is exploited by some jack-off in a suit, selling stock for a third yacht.

Issues that are now, really drilling into the middle class. Moderately wealthy white men are feeling the sting of looming debts, recessions, and inconsistent work or hours that have affected the poor for hundreds of years. These people elected Donald Trump.

Trump blames all those problems on people of color. It’s a very old narrative the money controllers and property owners rely on to keep white people from uniting with black. America’s élite know if that happened it would mean the end of their power and domination over the rest of us.

Currently, we have more pressing issues. We’re polarizing. There is a tidal wave of race-based violence sweeping through our cities, north, and south. Hate organizations are recruiting and radicalizing impressionable white men. Holding back the tide is the anti-fascists—nazi punchers—but our police don’t help them.

Our federal government is in a stalemate. If we had any obligations to or promises made with your country, I wouldn’t count on much. This is, however, a great opportunity to get to know our states.

Alone, we crumble under the weight of tyranny, together we rise and cast it off our shoulders.

Yours truly,



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