Late Summer Update

Hey, folks, it’s been a minute! Sorry for the silent treatment, I haven’t had time to write. On June 2nd I turned 32 and decided this was going to be the year I drink fewer locally brewed IPAs and smoke less of that sweet, sweet, NW grown, recently legalized, weed.

Within a few days, a lot of stomach and sleep issues went away. I’ve lost nearly a pound every week. I know I sound like an AD in one of those cheap dieting magazines resting above the gum in checkout aisles, but I stand by my decision.

On July 7th, just after I started to feel like I had energy again, my union announced the nomination for officers and elections. So I initiated Phase Two of my quest to cut back on mindless bullshit and deleted all my social media accounts except Facebook (it’s an easy way to get info to a big group quickly), but I did take it off my phone (which merits its own essay).

The last two months were spent driving, morning to night to grocery stores in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. To get nominated you have to collect signatures from members, then the campaign begins. There are roughly 24,000 members in our union split between hundreds of stores and shops. I ran for President on a slate with five others. It would have been impossible to do this without a group of like-minded, determined, and passionate members.

I’m still processing everything that’s happened. I’m working on an essay about the whole thing, the corruption, the complete abandon of ethics; all the bullshit at the highest level of government constantly filtering, trickling down to us on television exists in full force inside a humble grocery union.

I don’t want to give it all away, yet. Just wanted to give you all an update before the forest fires, hurricanes, and the children in government do us all in. The only way we’re going to get anything done now is by building community and taking direct action.

Good luck out there.

Rex Dominguez


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