Protestant Privilege in American Media

Lately, I’ve been taken with dismantling my assumptions about the reality my field of consciousness constantly curates and maintains. In the midst of this, an article popped up on my Facebook dashboard, “Mass Resignation of 34 Bishops Exposes Crisis in Chilean Church”. Without a thought, in that very instant two concepts leaped to the forefront of my mind: Catholicism/Pedophilia. I started thinking about all the ways I could remember its combination, news, movies, television, books, yet I couldn’t so effortlessly recall a Protestantism/Pedophilia narrative. They must exist because both religions are governed by similar power structures, by the same God, and by the same core book. After some digging, I found Kathryn Joyce’s article, “The Silence of the Lambs – Are Protestants concealing a Catholic-size sexual abuse scandal?“ I’m clearly not the first to notice this pattern. Why don’t we hear more about the atrocities committed by Protestants? We live in a predominately Protestant society, a privileged mode of communal worship. They don’t need to hide their hate and vitriol of Catholicism and when things go horribly wrong they seem to largely evade the public eye. Catholics and their churches are not any more prone to a scandal than any other similar institution. Environments, be it church, work, or family, dictate behavior and if they’re hierarchical and enforced with silence and subservience, then abuse will abound.


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