I’m critical of the Fight for $15. We obviously need better wages, and we can’t get them by demanding a new minimum. The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) stated that if the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity it would be $21.72 an hour. That document was released seven fucking years ago.

We hear about the minimum every day, yet very seldom a maximum. Our money controllers are happy to have us arguing over how far down the bottom is while they enjoy unlimited financial growth. But this is, unsustainable, and is, as each of these letters is typed, eating itself.

Wage caps are paramount to transforming our economy, yet that’s still only part of the issue. The truth is we need to radically rethink the value of our labor. From farm to truck to the factory, manufacturer, grocer, warehouse, all of us provide one another with the necessities of life and deserve top wages. Every individual must have the consistent opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, or we all suffer.

So don’t stop at $15, or wage caps, and don’t fall for the myth of deregulation or the ghost in the market-machine. Every single line of every dollar and cent has been scrutinized, argued over, and “regulated”. The global economy as a whole is heavily controlled, by the greediest who pull its strings and they’d love nothing more than for you to believe it will fix itself, and that you don’t need to act.


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