I have a hard time wrapping my mind around conservatism or any right wing view, really. What can one conserve in a world in constant flux? Do we drive on stone tires? Use rotary phones? The Gutenberg press? There’s an inescapable hypocrisy when I see a conservative use a microwave or check Facebook on their smartphone. And I think they sense it too, and that’s what drives the anti-science agenda.


I find it very fascinating when any con man plays a sizable amount of Americans into something like, voting for him. And by building on a base that has one critical issue.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d ask your parents about something incessantly until they didn’t know the answer? And you’d keep asking, “Why, why, why…” until your parents would finally tell you to shut up. I don’t remember doing that myself but I’ve seen actors do it on television and assume it’s a thing.

That’s where it seems to stop for most people. They see it on TV and simply nod their head. That’s what makes people like Bill O’Reilly, who was recently let go due to multiple allegations of sexual harassment, a real danger. The conservative audience doesn’t ask why, and it’s imperative to the Republican party that it stay that way.

This past election was dominated not by policy, but drama. Policies must be analyzed, discussed in-depth, debated. Trump never had a real plan for leading the United States. A wall is not an issue, it’s just a way to radicalize those who associate color and crime.

Think twice before you decide to ask why. You are very, probably, not going to like what you hear. I’ve had a few deep conversations with family—proud Trump supporters. I had to explain the very basics of sexual assault twice, to the same person, and both times they initially took the side of the perpetrator.

Honestly, it might not be worth talking about. I pointed out to a supporter that Trump told a crowd he could kill someone and his base would still vote for him. They agreed, “It’s true, I would still vote for him.” How is anyone supposed to reason with that? I do this because of a gross curiosity.

I don’t think I can create that perfectly calculated conversation that completely changes someone’s world. Asking why has only lead me to the very bottom of the belief and it ends in two ways, either I don’t know or I feel it.

The American distraction. It can’t possibly be any reasonable person’s dream. It’s an unobtainable notion rooted in pure nostalgia. The nuclear family is a work of fiction, set in a time with fewer rights, less money, less regulation, more disease, and less access—a lot more less wrapped in a white picket fence. Beware anyone who harkens back to yesterday.

To the gentleman who approached me as I worked on the onion displays in my department and warned me about the “poison China garlic”, and the lady who minutes later revealed, “I don’t trust tomatoes grown in Mexico.” All produce imports are inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, you fucking walnuts—at least until Trump is told to defund it. And please don’t assume I’m going to laugh and agree with your small-minded racist sentiments because my skin is white and my beard is red. I’m Latinx. I have family in Mexico. I grew up in south Texas, 32 miles north of Matamoros. So just buy the vegetables and leave. If you really must make conversation, let’s chat about the weather.

God’s in the Atom

Everything is some kind of energy—our farts, phones and fossil fuels—energy. They have resonance, movement, and arguably, life. We’re all made of the same crap and someday we’re gonna turn back into it (“Circle of Life” plays in the background). But what’s the difference between everything being either the same living stuff or God? Granted that means we’re not worth more than dirt, however, the dirt is God, and that’s a sentiment that might pull our planet out of its current, dire situation.

Common Sense

“Whatever happened to common sense,” I hear that a lot and just want to take a moment to tear that shit apart. There has never ever been “common sense.” We all have different perceptions of what the hell is happening and merging them is very likely impossible. Common sense is a convenient soft pillow we can bury our faces in while screaming at a chaotic, dangerous, and overwhelming world.